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Integrative Therapy - also called Integrative Counselling

This is where a counsellor uses a range of therapeutic approaches and depending on the your needs, the counsellor will take elements from differing therapies and use them to help you, but this will always depend on the your particular issues and needs.

In my case I was trained in a range of therapies so I can use this combined approach to help you work out a more positive way forward. It is only when we start the work that I can gauge what might help you the most and this is not fixed as our work will change as you progress, so we will be fluid in our way of working together.

Person Centred Counselling - sometimes called Client Centred

This is at the core of all my counselling so I am a person centred counsellor, it is not a method or approach I may use, it is who I am as a counsellor.

Fundamental to being a person centred counsellor is the absolute belief in the other person's (you) innate ability for personal growth, even though it may not seem obvious to you I believe it exists in all human beings.

A person centred counsellor will only see things from your point of view. Your inner world will be seen and not tarnished with judgement.

Being genuine with you, showing you empathy and not feeling judged are the building blocks of a relationship where you will be truly valued. One where you can feel safe to explore yourself enough to move forward and hopefully let go of parts of you that are not helping you or are holding you back from being all you can become, which may just be called ...happier, more content, more accepting of you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This type of therapy is often used in shorter term work, but I have found that using CBT as a tool if appropriate in longer term work can be very helpful.

CBT looks at the way we think and feel in certain situations and how we act, what our behaviours are that come from those thoughts or feelings. These thoughts, feelings and behaviours may be unhelpful to us and have a negative impact on our lives.

This is where CBT will challenge those thoughts in a safe and positive way. Together we will reach a point where you can replace unhelpful ways of thinking and feeling  with more positive thinking styles and actions. This change will lead to feeling better about yourself and being more in control of how you choose to feel or respond in any situation.

Psychodynamic Therapy

This is a therapeutic approach that in essence brings our unconscious mind into the conscious and helps people unpick and understand what may have been to difficult to hold in the here and now or present day thoughts. This will help a person be clearer and more in control of their own feelings and be less driven by past painful experiences.

The core of this work is the belief that we are all affected by our past and it is our past that can affect our present adversely, if we have experienced difficulties in our younger years.

By gently looking at the past in therapy, we can often find clues and answers to questions we have about our present. This can be liberating and a great relief.

When I work in this way with clients, I do so by agreement and never go where you do not want me to.

I use other therapeutic approaches and methods but I hope this will give you a good enough sense of the kind of counsellor I am.

Please feel free to ask me anything.

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